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Silhouette of a soldier against the sun.

Tears, but Together

Today, a video clip, a challenging one: from the internationally-recognized film (an “Official Selection” of the 2014 Cannes Film Festival in France), see this excerpt from Alice Film’s “Of Men and War.”

When I send out my morning emails, I often wonder whether to include stories such as this one, given that it can be hard enough to begin one’s day as it is, let alone begin one’s day with the pain of another.

Yet to empower self-calm, to engage survival, to energize life: I do believe it is important not only to encourage hope, but also to recognize hope’s most necessary companion, realism. This combat veteran is brave enough to share his tale for the world to hear. I need to honor him today by sharing what, I suspect, he would want me to tell the world, whether it wishes to hear or not:

His is not the only such story.

I have heard it many, many times.

For those who have served in combat and who continue to experience its aftermath, please note one important aspect of this brief piece: this combat veteran was not alone as he spoke. While he clearly affected the men who were with him, as they just as clearly moved into their own scenes in their own minds and souls, all the men in that room that day took a chance:

To move from their isolation of pain to a camaraderie again, a camaraderie of pain for a time, true, yet, ultimately, one of brave hope.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: self-calm is not just about self-peace. It is also about self-strength. Connect. Check out the organizations I have listed in the Resources section.

Believe me, please, even if only for a few moments: tears can be transformed back into dreams, whether or not dreams of the past, always the dreams of a future. These men found that out. You can as well.

Until tomorrow, be well,


If you wish to learn more about the documentary “Of Men and War”

please click here.

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