Beam Me Home, Scotty!


The ever-faithful few who have kindly (and bravely) followed and supported me over time know that I have had buzzing inside my head for quite a while now a story that is on the, shall we say, unique side:  Beam Me Home, Scotty!: How Star Trek Can Help Us Make Sense of the Brain, PTSD, & Combat Trauma.

Well, after previous attempts at a podcast and a web series, here’s third time, hopefully a charm.

As I do not have a license from CBS to market the project, I offer this solely as an educational effort to provide combat veterans, their loved ones, and their providers  a possible way to make sense out of what happens to the body, the mind, and, yes, the soul after War. Many know well the tales of Captain Kirk, his predecessors, and his successors as they have “boldly gone” where none has gone before. I hope that my, admittedly, idiosyncratic take on these fine group of adventurers will prove helpful as very real, very current-day, combat-veteran adventurers seek to take another mission: boldly and/or quietly returning home, to Work, to Love, to Life.

All the following are on the blog post feed, but here they are in the order in which they were published. Please feel free to read, to ponder, to comment, to use as I invite you into my thought processes and writings concerning GI Jane, GI Joe, and Colonel Kirk, trying to make sense and meaning out of life after War on the brain’s very own USS Enterprise.

(Note: There is also a separate “Cast of Characters” page to help keep track of the brain’s “complications.”)



The Draft



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