Therapeutic Connections

United States



Wounded Warrior Project

With offices across the country and a strong Internet presence, the Wounded Warrior Project remains one of the most important go-to- resources for combat veterans in the United States to find available services and to connect with other combat veterans committed to improving their lives.

Give an Hour

An excellent source for information on mental health needs of returning combat veterans, in addition to access to mental health professionals located nationwide who have expressed willingness and received training to work with combat veterans and their families at little to no cost.

The Soldiers Project

Another excellent source for free mental health counseling for combat veterans and their families nationwide, The Soldiers Project specializes in hooking interested service members up with therapists who specialize in long-term therapeutic work.



Caring for Military Families: The Elizabeth Dole Foundation

Founded by Elizabeth Dole, former United States Senator from North Carolina and former United States Secretary for both the Departments of Transportation and Labor, and the wife of former United States Senate Majority Leader Robert Dole, a World War II veteran, this organization is committed to providing advocacy and access to services for all those who commit themselves to caring for service members who have been wounded in War.



Courage Beyond

A division of Centerstone Military Services, Courage Beyond specializes in providing in providing low-cost services to combat veterans and their families throughout the middle United States.

Warrior Salute Veteran Services

Located in Webster, New York, outside Rochester, the program offers a variety of therapeutic, vocational, and educational programs to help combat veterans make the transition back into civilian life.


In Georgia, this organization is working to develop a farm that will provide educational and vocational opportunities for homeless combat veterans to develop skills in the food industry.



Lisa Schwarz, M. Ed./Comprehensive Resource Model

I simply cannot speak highly enough of the work of Lisa Schwarz as she continues to put together a variety of approaches to help survivors of trauma thrive. Drawing on empirically-tested traditions and spiritual traditions, she has put together a model of understanding and treating trauma that is amazing in its power. Currently Lisa is working with the National Health Service in the UK to do further empirical work on her model.  Check her out. Follow her.



Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute

The work of Dr. Pat Ogden, a pioneer in body-oriented psychotherapies, the Institute provides training and education about using these types of approaches to help trauma victims. It also has a listing of therapists who have been trained and certified to use their techniques safely and effectively

Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute

The work of Dr. Peter Levine, also a pioneer in body-oriented psychotherapies, this Institute as well provides a similar, yet unique approach to using awareness of body processes as a way to promote healing from trauma of all types, including combat trauma



National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine

Advertised as a pioneer and leader in the field of mind-body-spirit medicine,” this program truly is that and more. Founded and coordinated by Dr. Ruth Buczynski, a licensed psychologist in the state of Connecticut, USA, the Institute provides superior training for mental health professionals, yet does so in a way that laypersons as well can learn and benefit greatly from the experts she brings together in her trainings.  Get on her mailing list and take advantage of her practice of offering up the initial airings of new series at no cost.


United Kingdom

Combat Stress:  The Veterans ‘ Mental Health Charity

A clearinghouse for information on combat stress, along with referrals for quality, free mental health services for combat veterans and their families throughout the UK.

Help for Heroes

Similar to the Wounded Warrior Project in the US, Help for Heroes is a UK-wide organization committed to directing combat veterans and their families to the highest qualities services to aid them in all areas of their lives, from health care to occupational opportunities to service opportunities.

Big White Wall

A unique online discussion service, anonymous and monitored 24/7 by trained counselors, dedicated to helping individuals share experiences about trauma and recovery. Service members, current and former, and their families may join for free.

Surf Action

Based in Cornwall, this organization specializes in using physical activities centered around the beaches of Cornwall to promote psychological and physical well-being for combat veterans and first-responders.

Walking with the Wounded

National charity that raises funds through athletic events that are used to support residential, vocational, and therapeutic services for combat veterans throughout the UK, with a focus on helping veterans transition for fulfilling work.




An organization for current and former members of the Australian Defence Force and their families, dedicated to providing the broadest array of services, including mental health, medical care, occupational support, and family support.

Phoenix Australia: Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health

A program out of the University of Melbourne, the Centre is committed to provided high quality services to trauma victims throughout Australia, including to those who have served in the Middle East.