I awakened this morning to read this. This is a stunning piece, well-written, truthful, brave, straight from the heart–and straight from the front lines. Sgt Gibson gives me hope for the future of the men and women in the military who, like him, are willing both to be “the best” and “the most human.” I had to share this with a wider audience, and I urge each of my readers to do the same.

The Life of Top

16 January 2013

I used to have a reoccurring dream after I returned home from my last deployment. It always began and ended the same.

I am running down an alley towards my truck. I am at a full out sprint with bullets skipping the dirt around my heels. I feel as though I cannot run fast enough but finally make it to my vehicle. I jump in, look at the floor board then glance down the alley from which I came. I scream to my driver to move out. No response. I look over to the driver, noticing that my gunner’s legs are not in the gunner’s position, and see that my driver has been replaced with an Insurgent. I pull my 9mm pistol out of my leg holster and point it at his head. He smiles and places the truck in gear to start moving. I pull the…

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