Back to Work

Well, finally made it to northern Indiana.  All of us appear to be in one piece, even the cat and the chinchilla.  After a move, one finds solace in whatever one can.

Lots of thoughts along the way, especially given that my two younger children, ages twenty-one and eighteen, both enjoyed long periods of iPhone listening on the way from Nashville to South Bend.  Currently my goal is to get the presentation down to one hour; the original presentation at Fort Campbell was just over that.

Interesting, the differences between storytelling as a verbal art form and as a written art form, especially since Beam Me Home, Scotty! is not your usual “story.”  I’d had some excerpts to share, or so I’d thought before the move.  Now I’ve got work to do.

As all who have followed me over time know, brevity has ne’er been my strong suit. There are times for more words, times for fewer. “One hour” is certainly going to fit into the latter category.

I’d thought of looking at archetypes, but I believe it will be better if I simply get to work making excerpts.  Let’s see what the coming days bring.

At least they will not be bringing endless trips to Lowe’s for moving supplies. “Brevity” will be more than an acceptable price to pay for that relief.

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