Plugging Along

Silhouette of a soldier against the sun.

Come Rain or Come Zycam

When I woke up this morning with one of those head colds that squats on two-thirds of the available real estate inside one’s skull, I knew that the remainder of my head would only be so interested in doing much work beyond the maintenance of bodily functions.

In light thereof, I’ll just say this:

The more I work with combat vets, the more I’m impressed with how their strengths show themselves most readily in those day-to-day situations that require persistence and commitment.

Many, of course, meet me first in situations in which they feel that they can’t muster the former and can’t imagine the latter. But by their very willingness to try again, they re-find what they still have. And, without fail, they begin searching for ways to share with others, and especially with other vets, their rediscoveries.

Maybe it was all those hours in physical training, running, marching, one step after another, that ingrained into them that habit of endurance, so much so that even the rest of us can sneak our very own piece of the metaphor when we “soldier on” until the job is done, no matter how mundane or downright ridiculous it might be. Perhaps.

Bottom line? I can pull a blog post together, for Heaven’s sake.

Thanks to each of them, then, for the extraordinary, for the ordinary.

And thank God for Zycam.

Until tomorrow, be well,


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