Happy New Year!

Silhouette of a soldier against the sun.

Good Stuff A-Comin’!

A simple message today:  Happy New Year!

On this quiet, sunny morning in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, I wish each of you the best over the coming year.  The reboot of a new year always brings a smile to my face, no matter how old I get.

And this year? It brings a podcast.

I will be beginning the podcast based on many of the entries I’ve published so far, starting on Monday, January 11. In addition, over the year I look forward to conducting interviews with many of the people I’ve learned about over the past few months. I’ll also be putting up an audio version of Beam Me Home, Scotty!

So stay tuned.  Wars will continue. Elections will happen. Life will keep going on.

But let’s all plan on making 2016 (and all the years that we’re granted afterwards) ones of doing what it takes to make missions and connections happen that are worth looking for, striving for, and living for.

And, I hope, ones of doing so together.

Until tomorrow, be well,


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