A Trip to the Mall

Silhouette of a soldier against the sun.

A Trip for a Lifetime

From the college town of Statesboro in eastern Georgia, USA, comes a short human-interest story about a Korean War veteran who found his way to Washington DC and to both his past and present:  “Puts You Right Back There: Korean War Vet Honored with Trip to Washington.”

A simple piece from a local paper: a man who has served his community, his church, his family for the past sixty years, yet who still finds himself moved by memories of children a continent and an ocean away, children who, had War not come to their homeland, might easily have been holding a great-grandchild right about now.

When I remind combat veterans that they still have what it takes, I do so not only to remind them of the go-getter who perhaps once had the audacity to try what an older man or woman wouldn’t dare.

I do so also to remind them of the younger man or woman who was willing to see what War brings—and to urge them to do what they can to make some difference in what they see before them now.

Perhaps, even for a country pastor, that’s not a bad way of thinking about being—and becoming—heroic.

Until tomorrow, be well,


To learn more about Honor Flight Network

A non-profit organization dedicated to bringing veterans to their Memorials in Washington

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