How to Succeed in Business

Silhouette of a soldier against the sun.

By Really Trying

A recent article from the Miami Herald in the United States discussed the challenges and rewards facing veterans who wish to become, as they put it, vetrepeneurs: For Military Veterans Who Want to Become Entrepreneurs, the First Steps Are Usually the Hardest.”

An easy one today: how could I not feature an article that highlights so well how some veterans, in spite of their difficult War experiences, are finding ways not only to live out how they still have what it takes, but even more to reach out to show other veterans that they still have it as well.

About two-thirds through the article, you’ll find the following statement by a former United States Navy pilot, Rob Ceravolo, as he reflects on the challenges he faced starting up his Tropic Ocean Airways down in Key West:

Ceravolo said that he and [his partner] made “a lot of bad choices” in the early going. They also struggled to create a teamwork environment that they were used to in the military.

“We were hiring for skill instead of for attitude,” Ceravolo said. “In the military, they say hire for attitude and train for skill. We learned a lot of lessons in that.”

How many times I have heard combat veterans lament the lack of such values as teamwork and attitude in the broader communities to which they return. While at times I believe that they can be a bit hard on some of the civilians they encounter, many times:  they’re spot on.

Not everybody is willing to do what it takes to get the job done.

That, my combat veteran friends, is exactly what you were not only taught to do. It’s what you went out and lived.

Sounds as if some folks in South Florida might be interested in finding out if you’re still willing to remember that.  Good luck.  To them.  And to you.

Until tomorrow, be well,


For a list of links to organizations dedicated to 

Helping veterans move into businesses

Check out my Business Connections (Resources) page.

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