Headstrong and Headlong

Silhouette of a soldier against the sun.

And Keep the Pasta Comin’

From the website daily, Task & Purpose, a brief article about a Marine officer who was able to acknowledge grief without being consumed by it, who lives out semper fidelis by having become semper ad vitam obligatus: “This Marine Vet Overcame His PTSD and Rediscovered His Sense of Purpose.

Everywhere these days, combat veterans are finding ways to connect to each other, empower, engage, and energize, proving again and again that they still have what it takes.

How good—and how hopeful—it is that as a mental health professional, I see my place in the order of things, day by day, becoming perhaps not irrelevant, but more and more ancillary.

Exactly where it should be.

For even though our Marine today did find mental health assistance when he contacted The Headstrong Project, far more he found a group of fellow veterans committed to a fidelitas that was not only strong-headed, but like-minded.

And not only like of mind. Like of heart as well.

Similarly, his publisher, Task & Purpose, “is a news and culture site geared toward the next great generation of American veterans,” a group of veteran editors and contributors who “aren’t just trying to speak to the next great generation of military veterans: we are actively trying to build it.”

And I ask you: how could you not want to join an endeavor whose email sign-up pop-up says “Get military humor and news daily. It’s like getting a Chili Mac MRE in your Inbox.”

That’s “Meals Ready-to-Eat,” in case you were wondering.

Sign me up, please. Sharp cheddar for mine. Heavy on the cumin.

Oh, yes, and semper ad vitam obligatus?  Always committed toward life. Commitments can become stationary if one is not careful, remember.

Sounds as if you shouldn’t be expecting any of these ladies or gentlemen to be standing around with you, so chow down—and go.

For you still have what it takes.

Until tomorrow, be well,


To learn more about The Headstrong Project
To learn more about the news and culture website
Task & Purpose

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