Two Kids in a Play Pool

Silhouette of a soldier against the sun.

And the Lives They Are Still Making

A blog post from the US:  meet Josh and Glenda Leary, from play pool until today. Meet reality. Check out “A Childhood Love Story Endures the Invisible Wounds of Combat.”

This is life in the world of combat veterans and their families.

Stories of young romance. Stories of “we thought it was going to be this, but it turned out to be that.” Stories of “Oh, by the way: you’re deploying. Get your gear.”

See you in a few months or so. Maybe.

Maybe not.

Stories of trying to make sense of it all afterwards. Stories of trying to live the non-sense of it all long afterwards.  Stories of both partners rediscovering what they have, at one level, known all along: that they both still have what it takes.

I wish Josh and Glenda well. They have learned something—or better, some things—about connecting in order to calm, engaging survival again and again, all to energize life.

And take care of the kids and the dogs. For another day.

Until tomorrow, be well,


To learn more about the blog’s sponsor, “Hope for the Warriors,”

An organization for veterans’ caregivers, click here.

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