Telling New Stories

Silhouette of a soldier against the sun.

Speaking the Unspeakable

Thought-provoking article from New York Times columnist David Brooks last week, entitled, “Tales of the Super Survivors.”

I liked this piece, although I struggle with any implication thereby that I love pieces like it.

I agree completely with Mr. Brooks and his reference, Professor Tedeschi, for example, that the only meaningful way out of War is through the gate of not only “Find Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here!”, but even more “Find a New Tale to Tell!”

Yet I cannot deny it: Having spoken nearly every working day of my life for the past seven years with men and women who have told me—nearly every working day—that they purposely lied on the many surveys they had filled out both during and after their military careers about their sufferings from War, I have problems being reassured by data, no matter what kind of outcome the data claims to portend.

I get the math: my little n may say nothing about the great big N. But, boy, every day…

Still—and most importantly—I share the man’s hope. Stories, when told truthfully and when told to another willing to hear it all, can change everything.

Whether or not nations will tell tales worth telling, you or the combat veterans in your life can. If I may be so bold, you must.

Remember that, hope in that always.

Until tomorrow, be well,


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