Thank You

I simply wish to thank all who have “liked” and “commented” on Reporting for Duty, Sir. There have been so many of you, and I cannot thank you enough. It has meant so much to Ethan’s family that others have been able to experience even a small part of the man whom they loved. A special thanks to the editors of WordPress for including the post as one of the “Freshly Pressed” entries.

5 responses

  1. Why does your blogs only focus on men? After reviewing your entire webpage all it talks about men and there drug use. Do you not see woman at your employment?

    • Sally,

      Thanks so much. You are right: up to this point, I’ve written exclusively about men. Your question brings up some points that I’d very much like to address more fully, so I’ll plan to write an actual post with some of my thoughts. “Hopefully” I can do that this weekend (my daughter’s high school graduation is this weekend, and ’tis a bit, shall we say, hectic at our house), but if not, then next week. Best to you!

  2. Thank You very much for all the work you do and have done. I can only speak for myself (as an aunt of “Ethan”) it was very kind of you to attend the funeral and write these wonderful articles explaining some of the tragedies and personal struggles for “Ethan.” I believe they helped others to see a little of what a solider is faced with when attempting to returning to a “normal” civilian life. Thank you very much.

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