The Mockingjay, Revisited

Recently I had a very thoughtful–and thought-provoking–comment to my page The End Games, the page in which I shared my thoughts about the role of combat trauma in the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins.  I felt the comment deserved a more prominent place on the blog, and I wanted to spend some time in response.  Kirstin, the author of the comment, caused me to think again of the role of honor, shame, and love in combat–and in its aftermath.  I suspect that she and I might end up in different positions about the relationship between the combat veteran and the Nation-State, but I do believe that each of us sees the message of the trilogy similarly:  that no matter how painful life may become, meaning–and hope–can one day be made.  Be aware, spoilers abound, but for those who have finished the books, or who have read The End Games page notwithstanding, I hope you enjoy Kirstin’s and my conversation in Peace and War, War and Peace, located in the Thoughts section above.

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